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Release Management Team Structure

I’d like to announce a couple of minor changes to team structure, now that we’ve got so many products releasing on a regular cadence. For sake of focus and longer term expertise, we plan to clearly separate our attention across shipping products. The delineation was based solely on differing interests on the team (which is fantastic).

Release Management

  • Alex Keybl
  • Firefox Desktop/Mobile/Metro Focus
    • RM Lukas Blakk (focus lead)
    • Incoming Candidate – apply here
    • Community Release Management – get involved!
  • Firefox OS Focus
    • Sr. RM Preeti Raghunath (focus lead)
    • RM Bhavana Bajaj


Our Firefox OS release managers will typically be focused on a single converging release, while our desktop/mobile release managers will continue to track a release each. I’ll manage both groups and pinch hit as necessary. Our hope is that this model will enable release managers to better embed within the (now separate) product orgs.

While this is our target structure, you’ll find that these lines won’t be perfectly clear until the new year. At that time, Bhavana will have the opportunity to focus completely on Firefox OS 1.3 convergence after passing the baton of desktop releases and Metro (post-launch) to Lukas.

It’s only been a couple of years since Mozilla had a single major product focus and one release manager. Now we have a solid and growing team, even bringing community into the fold! Thanks to the team for making this possible.

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