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“Open in Bugzilla” w/ keyboard shortcut

Copy/paste seems to be the best method for viewing unlinked bug numbers in bugzilla right now. Given how tedious that can be, I’ve thrown together a small OS X service that allows you to select a block of text in an app and directly open or list the included bug #s on Note that bug #s <101 and between 1990-2020 are ignored for correctness and convenience. The download, source, and install info is after the break.


Download Bug ParserSource on GitHub

To Install the Service

  1. Open Finder
  2. Shift+cmd+g to ~/Library/
  3. Go to Services (create the folder if necessary)
  4. Unzip “” into that folder (you should now see BugParser.service in that directory)
  5. Log-out and back in or run the following at the commandline
  6. Go to System Preferences, the Keyboard Pane, Services and find “Open in Bugzilla”
  7. Click the checkbox to enable the service, and double-click to the right of the label to set a keyboard shortcutSysPrefs Screenshot
  8. Now select some text and hit your keyboard shortcut to launch Bugzilla in the default web browser. Here’s a random copy/paste for you to try it out on:
    Page 1 | Sep 27, 2011
    649234     nor     --     Wind     UNCO     ---
    652021     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    652023     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    652024     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    652026     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    657697     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    657699     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    657700     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    660091     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    661052     nor     --     All     NEW     ---
    661701     nor     --     Linu     UNCO     ---
    666147     nor     --     Wind     UNCO     ---
    673621     enh     --     All     NEW     ---
    673955     min     --     Mac     UNCO     ---
    686290     nor     --     Wind     UNCO     ---

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  • Ehsan Akhgari

    This is awesome, thanks for doing this, Alex!