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Another quick & dirty OS X service (Phonebook)

This one’s for new Mozilla hires. I’m not good with faces/names, which can of course be embarrassing for a new PM. I needed a quick way to query people’s names in the Mozilla Phonebook.

I didn’t take the time to write a proper Cocoa service, instead opting for an Automator workflow w/ AppleScript. I was having trouble with prompting Firefox to open a URL with spaces in it, so forgive the fact that I blow away your pasteboard to open the link (feel free to fix).

Basically you highlight a name, irc nick, or email address in and then hit whatever keyboard shortcut you assigned. Steps to install/use after the break.


1. Download: Look Up in

2. Extract into ~/Library/Services/

3. Assign a keyboard shortcut to it

4. Select a name (or email address from

5. Hit your keyboard shortcut (shift+cmd+’ in my case)

6. Oh that guy. Hmph…

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